A stroll through Luitpoldpark

DSCN0149Last week I took advantage of the sunny weather to take a nice walk through Luitpoldpark in Schwabing (Oh the joys of semester break! The possibilities feel nothing short of endless!). I had never been before, usually heading straight to the English Garden for my walks, but it was a nice change in scenery. Luitpoldpark is much smaller than the English Garden and doesn’t quite give the same feeling of serenity because you can still hear the muted noise of nearby construction sites and traffic but it nevertheless offers some really nice winding pathways and great views of the city center from a viewpoint up the hill (if you look closely you can spot the Alps in the distance!).

I feel very lucky that Munich offers such vast and beautiful green areas spread out across the city to counterbalance the noisy bustle of urban life and I cannot wait for some warmer weather to really make the most of it!

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Exam Period Favorites

The past few weeks have been pretty uneventful with me glued to the desk studying for finals which is maybe why I am especially exited about these favorites because they were my study break rewards and energy rechargers. And man do I look forward to my study breaks! I am all for positive reinforcement and rewarding myself for being productive. It helps me so much to stay focused and motivated.

So without further ado here are some my favorites of january and february:


1. Amazon Fire TV – a Christmas gift that has proven to be super addicting with full seasons of some of my favorite TV shows and recent movies. What is better than a 20 min sitcom break from studying?

2. Alnatura Honey Waffles – these are really delicious and the perfect afternoon snack with a nice cup of tea!

3. The Imitation Game  – this is the best movie that I have seen in a long time! I hope Benedict Cumberbatch will be rewarded with an Oscar this weekend!

4. Taylor Swift – 1989- my studying soundtrack. I find it hard to work without some sort of background music to keep me entertained.

5. Pukka Grean Tea with Matcha – a really tasty green tea with an extra kick of caffeine. Perfect for studying!

6. Turtlenecks – I have absolutely adored wearing turtlenecks this winter. So comfy and cozy! I have finally found one that is just right and I cannot get enough of it.

7. Bullet Journal – This little gem has made my days so much more productive and well organised! I have written a whole blog post about my set-up and experience if you are interested.


PS: Exams are over and done and I am thrilled that I have the next month off from uni! EEK!

Workout Wear


Ok, here is the deal. When I work out (especially in public) I like to look cute. It is comforting to know that you look nice despite your tomato head and attractive sweatiness. For workout wear my top priority is comfort. The fit needs to be just right with good quality material and a functional design – I am a sucker for little zip pockets for my keys/thumb loops etc..

Some of my favorite brands for workout wear include Lululemon, a love affair that started way back in the day when I was living in Canada, and Nike. I own multiple pieces by each brand and they are still in stellar condition after years of wash and wear. While stalking their online shops the other day I put a few pieces on my wish list that I wanted to share with you. I think this outfit would be perfect for going on a run or to the gym.

1. Lululemon running cropped pants

2. Striped Nike sports bra

3. Lululemon Aqua long sleeve shirt

PS: I am still on BBG week one…it is intense!

On getting back into working out


At the start of a new year I always feel inspired to make some positive changes in my life, whether they may be big or small. Right now I am focusing on being more active. Since moving to Munich last fall I haven’t really been working out (unless you count some half-assed Pilates I did in my living room) and I have realized that I miss it. It is definitely hard to get back into some sort of workout routine, but I know that I will feel better in the long run.

So far I have been trying to exercise at home three times a week. I either use YouTube videos for instructions (if I don’t have a proper plan I end up not trying hard enough) or other workout routines that I have come across on blogs/fitness sites. This week I have been giving the much raved about Kayla Itsines BBG (bikini body guide) a go – I am still on the free trial week but it is so intense that I have not been able to finish the whole circuit yet…I am probably going to stick with week one for the next couple of weeks or until I can actually get through the whole circuit before I decide whether I want to proceed with this program or use something else. Have any of you tried or even completed this program? Any thoughts on it?

Another thing that I find quite motivating is cute workout wear. I have recently invested in a pair of good running shoes (I am still waiting for some warmer weather to actually start with the running…) and added a few other pieces here and there to keep me inspired.

Tonight is time for my BBG abs workout – wish me luck! x

Weekend in Pictures #3


This past weekend was so nice and relaxing. I had decided to take a much-needed break from studying and instead enjoy the beautiful weather.

We went for a stroll and some window shopping through the city center of Munich and stopped by Viktualienmarkt where I picked up a butternut squash for a new recipe I wanted to try (healthy mac and cheese! yum!) and finished up the day by seeing the Imitation Game at the cinema – such a good movie with stellar performances by Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley!

I am getting more and more excited for spring and while there is still some snow left on the roofs and on the sidewalks I can’t help but look forward to some warmer weather!

Happy february! x

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The Bullet Journal

BulletJournal The bullet journal is a concept that is still fairly new to me but so far I have found that it makes me more productive on a daily basis and helps me to be more organised. While I have always been big believer in making to do lists I have never stuck to a proper system but instead wrote little reminders, shopping lists and the like on any piece of paper I came across. It kinda worked but not really, if you know what I mean…

While browsing pinterest and youtube in early january for organization ideas (I was still on a new years resolution high) I started reading about bullet journals and the more I read, the more I wanted to give it a shot. I actually had the perfect notebook for this purpose lying around unused in one of my desk drawers and I got to work.

Basically, a bullet journal is a streamlined combination of a calendar, any notes, lists and thoughts. By using specific symbols for different purposes you can easily distinguish between different tasks and daily to-dos. There are a lot of different ways to set up a bullet journal and to adapt it to your personal needs.

Here is what has been working for me: The journal that I am using consists of two individual notebooks. One has a running calendar on the top of each page, making it perfect for my daily to-dos, notes, tracking workouts/water intake and anything else I need to remember. The other notebook is simple grid paper that I use for lists, notes and things that are not related or limited to a specific date. I do have a small calendar that I use in addition to my bullet journal, where I schedule all my appointments and events.

So far I am really happy with this set-up and I do feel more organized, with all my notes in one place. I will keep you updated on how I get on with it on a ore long-term basis.


When deciding how to set up my own bullet journal I found it these links really helpful:

1. This youtube video is really in-depth and fun to watch for some inspiration.

2. An interesting blog post about bullet journaling and making an effort to go offline with planning.

3. Some pinteresting never fails to inspire.


Do any of you have a bullet journal? Are you pro or con analog planning?

Happy monday! xx

Snowy Munich

Happy new year everyone!!! The Christmas holidays at my parents house have been wonderful as always. Although we didn’t have a white Christmas, we certainly got quite a bit of snow right after Christmas, which was so fun!

Back in Munich, I have pretty much been in cozy hibernation mode this whole past week and only really left the apartment to run some errands and to pick up some groceries – I cannot tell you how relaxing and nice it has been! Tomorrow I will go back to uni and soon I will be in full on study mode…

I mainly wanted to share some pictures with you that I took on my new camera that I got for Christmas (eeeek!!!). It is my first “big girl camera” and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am still figuring out all the settings and things but so far so good!

On new year’s day my boyfriend and I went on a really nice, long walk in the snowy English Garden – all the snow started to melt on January 2nd and it has been rainy and ugly since…so I am really happy that I snapped these photos before all the snowy beauty was gone! Enjoy!


I am in love with a face mask

OriginsaI felt a little silly typing the title of this blog post, but honestly anything less enthusiastic would not have been truthful. I have fallen for a face mask, namely the Origins Drink-Up Intensive mask. I have heard a lot of good things about Origins masks in general and this one in particular, but I was never really tempted to buy it. Recently however, my skin has been feeling dehydrated, lackluster and dry. I decided that what it needed was some potent hydration through a mask or serum. I went online and checked my favorite online shops for the best deals and decided to finally give the origins mask a go.

I am so happy I did, because it has been making my skin feel so much more comfortable and made makeup application so much easier (no more desert skin!!). The mask has a creamy, silky texture, easily glides on the skin and gets absorbed pretty quickly (it does leave a slightly sticky residue – but since I only put it on in the evenings I really don’t mind). The smell is not really my favorite thing about this mask, it smells very tropical – I would have preferred a more subdued scent but I can deal with it. It is intensely hydrating and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels plumped and happy. It is so nice that I have actually been using it almost every night since I got it…

If you are looking for a very hydrating mask that is not going to make your skin feel greasy the next day, that can act as a night cream and saves your winter skin, then I would highly recommend this one!

PS: I wish you all a very merry Christmas with your loved ones! xx

Munich at Christmastime


As I am still fairly new to Munich and a Christmas enthusiast I have compiled a list of fun activities and things to see in Munich around this time of year. Some of these I have already ticked off and some I still want to do.

Christmas Markets: As most German cities Munich offers a wide variety of Christmas markets in various locations with different themes. I have already visited the Christmas market in Schwabing, which is really cute, tucked away just off of Leopoldstrasse at Münchner Freiheit. It has a sort of more artsy/alternative vibe with many booths that sell handmade jewelry/art/accessories as well as the usual assortment of Christmas foods. I liked that it isn’t too big nor too small, and the decorations are beautiful! The other Christmas market that I have visited is Tollwood, which is more like an organic Christmas festival, with entertainment, concerts and other events right on the grounds of Theresienwiese (the same huge area where Oktoberfest happens). This is huuuge compared to all other Christmas markets in the city. I don’t think I even saw half of the booths when I was there. You can definitely spend hours perusing the different tents and booths that offer everything from wild boar steak sandwiches to handmade candles and sweaters. Everything is organic and the whole festival feels very alternative/hipster – in the best possible way. I really want to go back before Christmas to see more and to eat more of everything! Some other Christmas markets that I am keen to check out are the medieval Christmas fair near Odeonsplatz (which I have heard has amazing spiced mead) and the Christmas Village at the Munich Residenz,also close to Odeonsplatz.

Ice skating: There are different locations in Munich where you can ice skate, but the one I want to go to is the outdoor rink at Karlsplatz, which looks very festive in the evening with all the twinkle lights!

Christmas at department stores: If you are a lover of the Christmas section in department stores you need to visit Ludwig Beck! They have a beautiful big Christmas section with an enormous collection of Christmas decor!

Happy December everyone!


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November Favorites


November, as the month leading up to December, always gets me really excited for Christmas. While this month was pretty busy for me I still have some favorites that I needed to mention:

1.The coziest winter boots from Sorel that are comfy and cute at the same time. I had seen these on amazon a while back and had randomly put them on my wish list when I spotted them in a shoe shop in Salzburg. Of course I had to go in and try them on – I ended up ordering them online once I had gotten back from my weekend trip and have been wearing them a fair few times. They are seriously cozy and will keep me warm through the winter.

2.I have finally settled on a new planner for 2015. Maybe this is just me, but I have the hardest time choosing planners. I am very picky with the layout and how much space I have for each day and for notes and I have yet to find the perfect one. After sticking with Moleskine for the last couple of years I have branched out and got a fairly similar one by the company Leuchtturm1917 in a vibrant orange color.

3.Lebkuchen (German gingerbread) and not just any. But in particular the homemade ones from the little bakery around the corner. If you are ever in Munich around this time of year and you love Lebkuchen then you need to pay Kistenpfennig on Leopold street a visit. And if you are not you can also order online from their website (they only deliver within Germany and Austria). I have had many Lebkuchen in my life (sshh) but these ones are hands down some of the best! The are deliciously rich and chocolate-y, not too sweet with just the right amount of spices. My favorite is the dark chocolate and sesame-crisp one. mhmmm.


4.Sweetpotatoes!!! These must be my most eaten vegetable of the month! I could eat them everyday for lunch AND dinner. Most of the time I cook them as a whole in the microwave, cut them in half, add some butter and salt and that’s it. So simple yet sooo good!

5.Fall TV shows. I am currently loving again (and all caught up on) The Big Bang Theory. After not watching the show for a while because I didn’t find it funny anymore I am really enjoying the current season! So many good storylines right now! Also, I am totally hooked on The Amazing Race – again. I used to love the show, then skipped a few seasons and am now enjoying the current season very much. I typically don’t like reality TV but this is so entertaining, fun and non-embarrassing. If you are into traveling and adventure you will like the show!